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a fresh perspective

Perhaps with public standards, the way to “launch” a website or a blog might not be to just start posting willy nilly without a thought. Here is the thing though; I read a quote today and it spoke to me on so many levels. Made me realize that my life’s work is merely a collection of thoughts with very little to show for it. Relatively speaking, of course.

I am sure you are wondering what the quote is. What combination of words has brought me to my laptop in the middle of the night with thoughts to “paper” for you to see?!

“Life has become immeasurably better since I was forced to stop taking it so seriously.” As per the post I saw this on, these are the words of Journalist Hunter Thomson. I didn’t question who said these words as much as I pondered the depth in them. Needless to say, I fell in love with them. They are now adorned on any medium my eyes fall upon. My phone, my actual wall, my laptop and even the walls of my mind.

I have always wanted to do so much with my experience and knowledge. So many things have stopped me. Most, backed by self- doubt. I see what the internet has become home to, what self-respect and hard work have transformed into; and I want no part of it. My microscopic presence in the realm of the new “(r)e(al)”world is not a substantial one. It is merely effort to connect with other like minded and strong men and women. Mostly women. It does not feel like that anymore.

Furthermore, my fear of the unknown has kept me caged. The crazies lurking every corner of clicks and taps on the black mirror. Perhaps a few characters from my own story.

Alas! Today I decided otherwise. I am taking a plunge. Maybe I just wetting my toes a little bit.

So here I am. On the internet, hoping for mediocrity at best whilst pushing for the best I can.

Over the last decade or so life has torn me apart and stitched me back together one too many times. The good part? My armour gets stronger each time.

A series of incredible conversations reminded me to push forth with confidence and release all doubt. This will happen one step at a time. Consider this step 1A.

I might not sell my soul for likes. I will share what I truly believe in for strength; to give and receive. We all have it and yet we all need it.

Let’s abruptly stop here.

Thank You!

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