I have been carrying the term “ineffable” with me for a very long time. I still remember, at the time, it said, “something which can not be explained with words.” I smiled to myself and knew I had found a very accurate description of who I was, and still continue to believe I am. It was not until I was pondering over a company name, this kept coming to me time and again. A few- nay- a lot of people told me it was a tough word to remember.

More often than not, when I say “ineffable,” people hear “infallibale.” Shrug.

I tried to looked up “easier” synonyms for the word, but I was in love with its true form and definition. I can not think of a better word to engulf all of what I do, who I am and what my clients represent.

We are all strong. Every client I have had in the last decade or so has inspired me in their own way. Each one has come in with their own battle scars and armour, and each has utilized their strength in their own way. This is a beautiful thing.

There is more to life than the standards we set for ourselves. If anything, they are the culmination of societal expectations to no end. A never-ending list of who not to be, and what not to look like, what not to eat, what not to wear etc.

I continue to meet people who are walking against the crowd defining themselves. A tall poppy you might say. (Look up ‘tall poppy syndrome’)

Consider me the poppy-collector. Haha! I don’t quite know how to make that sound smart.

I love what I do, and this site is just another means for me to continue to do it, show it and reach out to more poppies.

Think strong, always.

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